• Ormond Crossings Land Use

  • Ormond Crossings Land Use

  • The 3,000 acres of property that forms Ormond Crossings, was annexed from unincorporated Volusia County to the City of Ormond Beach in 2004. A Development Agreement for Ormond Crossings was approved by the City of Ormond Beach in February 2010 and a Master Development Plan Development Order for a Planned Mixed Use Development (zoning) was approved by the City in September 2013.

    The first project within the Commerce Park is complete. Security First held their grand opening event November, 2019 for their new home:  a state-of-the-art 136,000-square-foot, four-story office building, complete with beautiful landscaping and attractive walking paths for employees to enjoy. The building cost was $38.2 million, paid by Security First. The landowner, Tomoka Holdings, paid about $2 million for infrastructure. “That’s a tremendous investment in the future of Ormond Beach,” said Locke Burt, CEO and president. And there’s plenty of room for Security First’s future growth. The company bought 48 acres in 2017, and only 13 acres have been cleared. This space could contain a campus of buildings for Security First someday!

    City Economic Developer Brian Rademacher said the available space in Ormond Crossings is one of the attractions for development. Companies can buy as much land as they need for now and the future, rather than trying to fit into developed areas.

    Broadway extension now in place

    The Ormond Crossings approved entitlements include the following uses:

    • Retail Commercial – 200,000 sf
    • Office – 900,000 sf
    • Business Flex – 350,000 sf
    • Industrial – 800,000 sf
    • Storage – 240,000 sf
    • Warehouse/Distribution – 560,000 sf
    • Public/Institutional – 165,000 sf
    • Residential – 2,950 units
    • Elementary School – 720 students